On 2oth January, MIND CONSULT & RESEARCH (MCR) held the Austrian Multiplier event to raise awareness about the Digital Industry Training Atlas project, and gather support from complementary training organisations in Austria who are critical facets of the Austrian digital transformation training landscape.

The event was held in cooperation with the Economic Development Agency of Burgenland’s Platform Internationalisation, and brought together 32 individuals (29 – AT, 3 – DE, HU &HR) to talk about critical challenges and needs facing Austrian industry.

In addition to this, the event showcased a series of practical, collaborative use-cases which demonstrate the power of connecting training organisations.   

MCR was able to present the goals of DITA, the Training Atlas, and discuss the practical examples of the Atlas’s benefits through a presentation on the developing Twinning-opportunities.

With the support of their Sparring Partners (MAC Academy and University of Applied Science Kufstein) and fellow-DITA Partner Hochschule Kempten, MCR foreshadowed the next months of DITA’s joint development, and invited all the training organisations involved in the event to join us in our efforts to increase visibility of and access to digital training opportunities to help upskill and reskill the Austrian workforce of today and tomorrow.