The Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Portuguese partner in the DITA project, and a VET provider, performed a DITA MULTIPLIER EVENT, included in an event encompassing a wider context, namely “Conecta Pyme 4.0 focusing industry 4.0.

This project aims to promote networking of SME in the EUROACE area (includes the geographical area of Alentejo, Portugal’s Central region and Extremadura). In fact, even though the project was set to the EUROACE area, online training action ended up having attendees from the entire country.

Also, attendees came from different economic areas. Thus, even taking the constraints due to COVID-19 context, it was possible to reach a diverse audience, which we hope will enrich the platform, potentiating crossing objectives.

In this multiplier event, DITA project and ATLAS platform were presented to the attendees, focusing on its goals, and delivering details on the ATLAS platform.