Throughout the current crisis precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic, the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition organises webinars with the National Coalitions and their members.

There are several initiatives realized by different European Countries where participants share their challenges, solutions and experiences.

Several topics are covered, in particular to help teachers, students, SME owners, employees, self-employed and citizens.

There are 4 groups for the initiatives and good practices:

1. Digital Skills for All

2. Digital Skills for Education (both for students and teachers)

3. Digital Skills for the Labour Force

4. Digital Skills for the ICT Specialists

Click at this link to discover more about those initiatives. Moreover, the cooperation between businesses and universities is necessary to improve the education offer in the digital transformation.

Digital technology experts are key enablers, even though there is a shortage of ICT professionals and university graduates in domains such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and software engineering.

For that reason the European Commission and Informatics Europe co-organised the Digital Talent Gap Workshop where experts from universities, businesses, technology transfer organisations and public policy makers worked together to design new solutions.

The workshop addressed mainly Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Software Engineering. Click here to discover cross-cutting ideas from the workshop.


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